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Nationally Scheduled, FAA Approved, Industry Conducted Flight Instructor Refresher Course ~ FIRC


$ 199 In advance ~ $ 239 at the door

Discounts available for large groups, active duty military or Civil Air Patrol members.

All Certificated Flight Instructors are required by FAR § 61.197 to renew their teaching certificates every 24 months. There are several methods allowed under this regulation. We believe that the best option for a professional instructor is to do so in one of our classroom courses.

We believe that you will learn more about how your students learn, what motivates them to succeed, and how you must adjust your own teaching style to meet their needs to make them successful. When you train in person with other experienced flight instructors, you cannot help but learn more than if you had sat alone in front of your computer in your shorts clicking a mouse for 16 hours to satisfy the time requirement. Don't just satisfy the letter of the law, aim for the spirit of the law and improve your teaching skills.

Becoming a Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) is 99% mental and 1% stick-n-rudder skills. Being a CFI is a commitment to a lifestyle; being a good aviator, safety conscious, knowledgeable, and a desire to mentor and share aviation with others in a positive manner.

Can good judgment be to taught to student pilots? Can you turn Macho, Type A, over confident pilots into safe pilots that you would trust your family to fly with? We will answer that question and more in this course.

Classes are forming now. Click here to see a list of locations and class dates.

Please call Scott Johnson @ 651-340-5150 or email Scott@SticknRudder.com to register and to order course materials. Seating is limited.